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The Real Fish Tank Fish from Finding Nemo

When I visit aquariums I always notice adults refer to fish that were featured in Disney’s Finding Nemo by their Finding Nemo character names. Their children repeat it back “ooh yeah, there is another Dory Fish or Bruce Shark or Nemo Fish.” Although this is a great way to make a connection between the fish and something they are familiar with, a great way to continue educating is to take it one step further and also teach them about the real species of fish on which these characters are based. That was the inspiration behind the first ‘Real Fish of Finding Nemo’ video I made. To ensure that a connection is being made between the fish, the character and the real species, I made the first Real Fish of Finding Nemo about the main characters. After that video, there were requests for the rest of the animals to be featured so here is the 2nd of 4 videos on the real animals from Finding Nemo. Enjoy!

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