Research Links

If you were lucky enough to see one of Jaclyn’s marine science presentations in person, and are looking for more exciting details on some of the topics she covered, look no further! Below is a list of reference materials.

Ange’s Sea turtle rescue project:

Archer Fish Facts:

Arch Fish Experiment:,they%20can%20gulp%20them%20down

Cuttlefish Intelligence:

Edible 6 Pack Rings:

Giant Pacific article:,this%20venom%20is%20not%20fatal)

High Carbon Footprint Foods:,be%20grown%20on%20its%20own

Killer whale asks for help:,residents%20came%20to%20their%20rescue

Lying Cuttlefish: [,stripes%2C%20whereas%20females%20are%20mottled](,stripes%2C%20whereas%20females%20are%20mottled)

Manta Ray Cleaning Spas:,in%20line%20for%20their%20turn

More on Edible 6 Pack Rings:


Peanut the Turtle:

Scalloped Hammerheads Hold their Breath:

Sea Stars Wasting Disease:,microorganisms%20in%20a%20particular%20environment

Sea Turtle Hospital Video:

Sea Turtle Info:,reefs%20and%20other%20rocky%20structures

Sea Turtle Nesting Info: