Monthly Archives: March 2016

Body Painting Camouflage

Today we are combining art and science. Special guest, Julie Hassett painted a decorator crab and a frog fish on me to help me teach about camouflage and mimicry! If you like what you see, subscribe!

Tabletop Möbi Whale Math Game

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning! -Diane Ackerman. This week we are learning awesome whale facts, we are learning math and we have a special guest, Callie Kiefer! She came on the show and played me in an intense round of the Möbi Whale Math Game! If you […]

Oysters and Micro Plastics

Are there micro beads in your healthcare products? If so, it’s time to switch products! Click on the video below to see why. If you like what you see, subscribe!